Hello, Blogosphere, and welcome to any who occasion upon this site.

I just returned from visiting my mother who lives one state down, and while there I had the pleasure of meeting one of my aunts who was also passing through visiting my mom. It was a wonderful weekend, and I enjoyed getting to know a relative who heretofore was a name, a loose collection of secondhand recollections, and a dated 80’s photograph.

I actually think that the timing was perfect, as the visit embodied, as a literal example, of several of my interests that I desire to reflect in this medium. For starters, genealogical research has been a hobby of mine for nearly 15 years; truthfully, longer than that if I count the spark generated by the standard “create your family tree” fifth-grade assignment. I hope to occasionally post stories, musings, and factoids as I climb the family tree, and, with any luck, meet a few “low-hanging” cousins as well.

Second, the affinity I have for genealogy largely stems from a passion for researching and exploring old documents, and consequently my chosen career path reflects this. I am a (very soon to be!) degreed Librarian with an additional certification in preserving cultural heritage (which is to doubly reinforce my joy in old things). So, I will also use this blog as a means of showing off the neater things I get to work with at work.

Third, as I believe cultural heritage is perhaps most poignantly conveyed and preserved in the folkways involving food (documentation! personal interaction! creation! and shared memories!), a recipe or foodie post is more than likely to appear.

Or just a goofy dinner video.

Where the dinner specialty was southern fried beige something.


(They’re Hushpuppies)

Ultimately, I wish to use this as a venue to keep me writing, as now with the conclusion of school and they types of jobs I work, writing has become a secondary skill. And frankly, it’s just not a skill set that I want to lose. On that note, however, I do reserve the right to change and edit posts at any time for, er, artistic (reading “spelling”) purposes.


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