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4042 miles

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; or, in this case, a journey of a little more than four thousand miles began with four simultaneous tire rotations (4WD!).

I recently returned from a three week exploration vacation qua business trip to the great, spring-filled north. Leaving behind the hazy and sinus-choking 95 degree weather of Savannah, GA, I ventured to the bright and pollen-sinus-choking north of Baltimore, MD and Syracuse, NY to participate in all the pomp and circumstance of this:


It was wonderful to reconnect with friends and classmates to see how the semester ended and what lies ahead for everyone. I was able to spend quality time with some of my favorite people and visit my favorite spots (namely, this place:)

Now, not knowing when I would again be in the great North, I took the opportunity to jaunt up to Canada for some destination family research. I think by now I should have my genealogist record card fully punched–on-site research at NARA, at a county record house, at a genealogical library, at a historical society, and at a remote location. Boy, and what a location!

Trenton View

Okay, okay, more accurately it was here:

Quinte Library

located in:

trenton sign

(but the bay was the view from the floor-to-ceiling rear windows of the library!)

Trenton, Ontario is a beautiful little city on the Bay of Quinte, located off of Lake Ontario. I came here specifically to look the 1800 – 1850 Newcastle District (Durham and Northumberland, Ontario) census records. These records have been microfilmed and are easily located at a number of Canadian archives sites. They are not, however, so easily accessed from Savannah, GA. So, while I could have ordered them from FHS, I think a 500+ mile side-roadtrip was obviously more practical.

I mean, just look at this place!

trenton sun dial

After a few peaceful days in Trenton in which I was able to look through some records and attend the Quinte branch meeting of the Ontario Genealogical Society (surprise bonus!), it was time to hit the road again. The next stop on the trip was Augusta, Maine by way of Hemmingford, Quebec, New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire. To be sure, Junior (my beloved Subaru) traversed more vertical miles in that one jaunt than Indy (my previous car) covered in the entire four years I’ve lived on the East coast! I sure have missed mountains.

But, that is a post for later.



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